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Tim Carpenter

Vice President


Tim Carpenter has been a member of the fire service since 1985, when he started as a volunteer firefighter, after graduating high school. He attended Walter’s State Community College, in pursuit of a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design, and Law Enforcement, but soon realized that he didn’t want to continue in these professions. In 1993, Tim was hired as a career firefighter with the Morristown Fire Department, and he has progressed through the ranks to his current position of Lieutenant over an engine company. Some of the many hats that he wears are Hazmat Team member, Fire, CPR, and BLS Instructor, Fire Inspector, and Public Speaker. His fire related certifications include TN Fire Inspector, Hazmat Tech, BLS Instructor, FF I and II, Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor I, Compliance Officer I, Pumper Operator, and others. Tim is the recipient of the Star of Life Award, and was named Firefighter of the Year by the IAFF Local 3836. He has been instrumental in implementing Public Education in his department, one being a clown troupe in the early 2000’s, and in late 2013, the Remembering When program. He has received fire training in several locations such as Mercury, NV, Boston, MA, and Nashville, and at the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, MD twice, just to name a few. He first attended a Pub Ed conference in Jackson, in 2000, and was elected to the board in 2013. In 2018, he was appointed to fill the vacant position of Treasurer. He was elected Vice President of the TPFEA in July 2022. 


 When not performing his firefighting duties, or those that involve the Shriners, Tim enjoys golfing, biking, and clowning with his wife Ginger, and their daughter Amethyst. He also enjoys being the bass player and vocalist for a multi- award winning bluegrass band.

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