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Mike Barron

Middle TN Representative


 My name is Mike Barron.  I’m the Public Education Officer for the fire department in the city of Lewisburg.

 I started my career as a volunteer with the city. I began working full time with the department in 1993.  I participated in every event possible including the fire education presentations at the local elementary schools. As I learned more about public education I was promoted to the Public Education Officer for the City of Lewisburg. I have continued with this position ever since.


For this reason I started looking for training in the field of public education. I attended my first Tennessee Public Fire Educators Association Conference in 2002. I found out there were other educators in the state fighting the same issues I was at my department in regards to public education. At the conference I was able to acquire vital training to help our education program. I was also able to network with other educators across the state as a member of the Association and later becoming a Middle Tennessee Representative.

Mike Barron
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