Errick Merriweather


Errick Merriweather is an 19-year veteran with the City of Jackson Fire Department. He is currently assigned to the Public Education Department as coordinator of public education.

Out of his 18-year career, Merriweather has worked in the rank of firefighter for 10 years where his primary function was to protect the community from disastrous situations, including house and building fires, and promote an environment of public safety within the City of Jackson Fire Department.

He also served 2 years as training officer where his primary functions were preparing training programs for recruits and in-service training to fire personnel, ensuring proper utilization of firefighting methods and techniques, demonstrating firefighting apparatus and equipment. He also prepared written, oral, and physical examinations for recruits and in-service personnel to evaluate acquired job skills and knowledge.

Merriweather has served the last 6 years in his current position as Public Educator. He is responsible for the day to day operations of planning educational programs, establishing new community initiatives, maintaining records, educating students about fire safety, developing long and short range plans/programs and, keeping the public safe.

Merriweather servers in a number of Community and Civic Affiliations. In 2016, Merriweather was elected to become a West Tennessee representative for the Tennessee Public Fire Association where he is actively serving. He is a member of the Boys to Men and Men on the Move organizations which are specialized groups that counsel with troubled and at risk youth within the school system. He also serves as chaplain within his department and is a member of the Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains.


Merriweather has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Organizational Development (Magna Cum Laude), from Bethel University.


He is married to his lovely wife Monique Merriweather of 17 years, and they have 5 handsome boys. He is a God fearing family man who leads by example and believes that hard work and longevity leads to success.